Ylang Essential Oil (15ml)

While others sleep, Ylang, this Flower of Flowers, exudes its exotic fragrance across tropical breezes. Our organic Ylang Essential Oil is steam distilled in the verdant lushness of Nossi-Bè, Madagascar. Unique amongst floral distillations, Ylang has a high oil yield and is distilled in four stages. At Living Libations, we prefer the rare, first part of the distillation, known as "extra," or "superior." This first distillation is the crème of the crop as it emanates the most ethereal aroma, as it is highest in the aromatic and lovely ester compounds. The subsequent distillations are classified 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, which are the more commonly available distillations. Ylang is an enveloping floral essence that transports one to the sensual air of a tropical garden.

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