El Rancho Carpintero  Pop-Up

El Rancho Carpintero Pop-Up

El Rancho Carpintero Pop-Up

Southern California hatter, Justin Carpenter will be custom shaping his modern sombreos on our beautiful patio on Saturday October 16th from 10am-5pm. Each sombrero body Justin sources is made of palm, crafted by artisans whose names are inscribed on a tag inside. Once the hat body is in his hands, he shapes each into one of four crown styles and gives it a proprietary El Rancho Carpintero tag, signed by him. He then winds your choice of either agave sisal or antique cotton string around the exterior crown.


Each custom fitting takes about 1 hour.

Or 2 people together in about 90 minutes.

There are a few things you will need to do prior to meeting with Justin for a custom sombrero fitting. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions at all (805) 402-1202 . Please include the following information in your contact message to him via his website (click the link) at least 2 days prior to the event. 

1. Circumference Head Measurement

2. Brim Length

3. Crown Style

4. Phone number

5. Venmo handle or you can pay by cash, PayPal, Zelle, or credit card.

You can refer to Justin's instagram story highlights for more photos of his work @elranchocarpintero .  


1. Your Circumference Head Measurement:  Have a friend measure your head 3 times using a soft measuring tape.  An accurate measurement is critical to ensure a great fitting hat.  Measure a circumference that is across the center of your forehead (or just above your eyebrows)  and 1/8 of an inch above your ears.  Take your hair into consideration when measuring.  Is it curly? Thick? Thin? Do you ever buzz the sides? A new or different hairstyle can greatly affect the fit of your hat.  The hats come in fitted US sizes ranging from 6 3/4 through size 8 (metric sizes 54 - 64). Justin will bring a couple different appropriately sized hat blanks for your project.  Fair warning: your hair is going to get a little wet during the fitting and shaping process.


2. Decide what Brim Length you would like. You can choose from 

3 inch ($160) 

3 1/2 inch ($165) 

4 inch ($170) 

5 inch ($180)


3. Decide which Crown Style you would like. There are specific names for each of the crown style that Justin will be offering on the day.  Take a look at the photos and corresponding name.  He will have samples during your fitting for you to look at.


4. Contact Justin via website. The link goes directly to his “contact” portal. Fill out the contact info and refer to the Salon in your message.  Justin will respond to you via email and give you a call if he has any questions.


5. CROWN STYLE OPTIONS. For this event, Justin will have 4 different crown styles and 4 different brim lengths from which you can choose…see below for photos.



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