5 Tips to Save Your Hair from Hard Water

5 Tips to Save Your Hair from Hard Water

5 Tips to Save Your Hair from Hard Water


Do you ever feel like everyday is a bad hair day? No matter what shampoo, conditioners, or treatments you buy you just can't get your hair to feel like its clean and tangle free?  If you live in the Santa Barbara area or anywhere in California you may have noticed a difference in your water.  Does your skin feel drier than usual when you get out of the shower?  You may even notice redness or rashes.  

Last winter we experienced so much extreme weather from fires and mudslides, and because of the toxins left in our water system our water now has a large amount of chlorine.  If you have noticed your scalp is itchy and extremely dry, or you even noticing hair loss and breakage, you are definitely experiencing the side effects of a highly chlorinated water system.  Other minerals such as calcium and magnesium can also wreak havoc on your hair. Here are some tips that will help you bring your locks back to life!

1. Invest in a shower filter or water softener. Water softeners are a much more costly option, but it is a great investment if you own your home. It is installed into your plumbing so everything from washing your dishes, food, and laundry will make such a huge difference. The alternative and more cost effective option is purchasing a water filter. You can find these on Amazon for $40 or less. Aqua Bliss is a great brand with a few different options, and they are also made in the USA.

2. Use a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos help remove build up from your scalp as well as  hair product. These shampoos can also be drying, so its only needed about once a week. Over use can cause your hair to become more oily. Your hair should feel refreshed afterwards, and its a good idea to follow it up with a conditioning mask. 

3. Use a conditioning hair mask. After using your clarifying shampoo its great to follow it up with a nourishing conditioning mask.  Our favorite is the Reconstruct Mask from Seven. With ingredients like Aloe Vera, and Jojoba it will leave your hair feeling luxurious and like silk.

4. Use natural hair oils. Some people might cringe at the thought of putting oil in their hair if they are prone to having oily skin and hair as it is, but the reason people suffer from these conditions is because their skin is lacking natural oils. This goes the same for your hair and scalp. Experiment with different oils such as jojoba, coconut or argan oil. Its great to smooth down your tresses during the day, or brush through with a natural bristle brush and sleep in overnight. We love Mullein & Sparrow’s pure Argan oil!

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