The True Meaning of Self Care in 2021

The True Meaning of Self Care in 2021

The True Meaning of Self Care in 2021

Last year was a rollercoaster ride for all of us, to say the least. We may have thought early on that this free time was an opportunity to enjoy the small things in life that we often don’t have time to appreciate. Maybe the stress of the unknown caused us to lose our hope and motivation, and now we’re feeling depleted and melancholy. Some of us may have turned to retail therapy to fill the void of not being able to commune with family and friends. We all have our ways of coping with stress, and if we were paying close attention we may have been fascinated in the ways we try to self soothe in moments of difficulty.

The term “self care” seems to have taken a whole new meaning after 2020. Its not about the latest skin care trends, or that perfect product that’s going to make us feel ageless and beautiful. Though we are a salon & spa carrying the most beautiful products, we also honor what is most important…how we feel on the inside. Now more than ever we have been looking at how we serve our community and pivoting towards what is needed for us now. “Beauty, inside & out” is our mantra for 2021, and we want to use our opportunity to create a space thats not only a sanctuary for beauty and self care, but a way to educate and share experiences of the journey of true self love. Caring for ourselves from the inside first always reflects on our outsides. We are so excited to introduce our new offerings that we know will be so beneficial to women in our community.

If you’ve had the pleasure of receiving a facial from our esthetician Leslie Derham, then you know from her energy and extensive knowledge of skin care, she creates the most incredible experiences. Her passion for health and wellness has taken her on an life changing journey towards her own healing. She has spent the last year exploring the true meaning of self care, and how that has to first start within the mind and body. Through her studies of nutrition, wellness, and Ayurveda she has created health conscious rituals that take the chore and pressures of self care and transforms it into a lifestyle that is fulfilling and energized in ways you could never have imagined possible. Through simple, mindful actions Leslie guides you toward your true purpose, which is to live a life that is abundant and joyful, no matter what life decides to throw your way.

Now is the time to understand that the only thing we have true control over is our mindset and perspective, and many times it takes someone to guide us through the steps needed to stay on course. Leslie wants to use what she has learned on her own health journey and find your own unique ways to create a new way of living for yourself. If you’re ready to explore what is possible for you in 2021 Leslie is offering complimentary 30 minute wellness consultations. Together you will talk about your current lifestyle and ways you can start implementing healthier habits that are easy to maintain. As a health coach, her approach is refreshing, compassionate, and integrates a variety of modalities to create a system that is customized for your personal needs and desires. We are so excited to see Leslie’s coaching flourish as she continues to help women find their own true meaning of self love.


This custom therapeutic experience starts with a guided intake process to discuss health history, lifestyle practices, and dietary habits to set wellness goals and create a personalized plan.


*Help discover what matters most to you.

*Leslie will guide you in setting your own individual goals

*Feel empowered to discover your true self


Book an hour session or a 30 min. consultation online for call 

Leslie at 406-595-2225

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