Najeau Hair Guard


Active days call for protection against the elements. Najeau's Hair Guard is a conditioning treatment that shields hair against the damaging effects of chlorine, sun, sauna, and salt-water exposure. Using the hydrating base of Najeau's first cold pressed EVOO, nourishing shea butter, and jojoba oil, Hair Guard will coat the hair strands while moisturizing the hair cuticle.

Pro Tip
Our products are adaptable to cater to your hair's unique needs. Should you desire a more substantial coating on your hair strands with the Hair Guard, simply add more oil by using the Hair Mask. Blend your preferred amounts of both products to create your personalized Hair Guard Treatment.


Think of the Hair Guard as similar to wax for a car—it shields and coats the hair strands. As oil repels water, adding more oil to your pre-shampoo protectant provides additional coating as needed.

Vegan, Paraben & Phthalate Free, Synthetic Fragrance-Free, Sulfate-Free, Free of Synthetic Dyes, No Animal Testing.

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